Women get less of the support that advances careers

"Women are less likely to receive advice from managers and senior leaders on how to advance..."

Women in the Workplace 2017, McKinsey & Company Report

Why We Exist

To lift the lid on what's possible

There are some scary statistics regarding women and "not getting ahead" in their careers, and that's just not cool with us.

We've created our "GET AHEAD" Workshop to share some of our best tools, resources and conversations that women can use to get ahead in their careers.

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of women said they felt their gender would make it harder for them to get a raise, promotion or chance to get ahead

MiKinsey & Company: Women In The Workplace Study




My mission is to create a movement of confident, ultra-capable women; who when they take on their career the “PY way” they ask for exactly what they want, and get a big FAT “YES”.

I have created a blueprint called “The PY Model” and it provides you an easy to follow methodology, tools and templates to get ahead in your career – all in three simple steps.

I cut to the chase, remove the “BS” and just give you the tools you need to get ahead. Basically, I’m a communications warrior who lives and breathes the values of “The PY Model”, raises women up and gets $%%^ moving!

Join the movement and start getting ahead.

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