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job available Jun 18, 2021

Who we are:

Promotable You (PY) is a career advancement and leadership organisation supporting women in taking the next awesome step in their careers.  Founded by HR & Career Coach Em Pescott, our mission is “no woman left behind” and our flagship “Career Accelerator Program” provides women the tools, strategy, and coaching support to step into a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Why we need you:

You’ll work with prospective customers from the moment they join a workshop or contact us on social media/email and ensure they are registered into the right program for their needs, are professionally onboarded, and are on their way to achieving their career goals.

You will then nurture and support them throughout their entire journey, from their initial welcome call, understanding the program, IT troubleshooting, coaching inquiries to capturing their feedback and testimonials post-program, and recommending future support...

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Has Your Career Stalled Due To Lack of Action?

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2021

Let's talk about a really important topic – one of the biggest reasons I see people being held back in their careers.

Let me be clear.  It’s not due to lack of talent. It is not due to lack of education. It's not due to lack of experience.

What is it?

It is due to lack of action.

Now you might be thinking, well, that's a really silly thing. I take lots of different actions?

The thing is, is that it's not just lack of action, it's lack of the right type of action when it comes to your career.

Why is it that when we really want something, we either procrastinate or we focus on the stuff that does not move the needle. That's what we tend to do. And why we tend to do that? Three main things;

  1. We’re not clear on our end game.

We're not clear on what our end game is, or even our mid-game for that reason. We're not clear on what that is. We really need to sit down and do the work.

It doesn't need to take a long time, but we do need to really sit down and mesh...

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How To Get An Interview By Nailing Your Phone Screen

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020

So, you’ve completed your brand spanking new resume using the Resume Pro format and you submitted it for a job that you really want.   A week later you’ve been contacted about the role and they want to talk to you about it #hellyeah

Firstly, great work! Clearly, they’re interested in your skills, experience and the way you have presented yourself on paper.  You’ve got your foot in the door, so now it’s time to “up the game”. The stakes just got higher.

You’ve been advised the next step in the selection process is to have a “chat” about your application with the recruiter.  Great! You’re excited about that but…

…you’re now starting to get a little nervous because you don’t know what they want to “chat” about…

…I mean, it could be anything yeah?

Sure, they could ask you anything, but let’s take a look at what typically this “chat”...

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5 Ways To Get More Confidence

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020

In my job, I get to talk to lots of different people who are at different stages of their careers, and I find it really interesting that no matter what level, industry or job they have, there is always always a common theme…

…they want more confidence. 

Think about it…where in your life have you stalled (or completely been stopped) because you felt you couldn’t achieve something? A lack of confidence can be debilitating and really hold you back from what you love doing.

But imagine you had the confidence to…

  • walk up to your boss and ask for the pay rise you deserve?
  • nail every job interview without self-doubt?
  • contribute your opinion in a meeting?
  • have a coffee with your CEO or senior leader and provide them feedback?
  • become a manager and lead a team to greatness?
  • stand in front of a large crowd of 100 people and have them hanging on every word?

Imagine your life with an abundance of confidence!

You would be unstoppable (hell yeah!)....

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“Must know” online personal brand tips from a recruitment expert

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020

You’re intelligent, have a great work ethic, you’re passionate, and you keep your cool under pressure.  You do everything your boss asks of you (deliver great outcomes and on time) – powerhouse employee, right? Sorry, it might not matter, and you may find you are unemployable.


Your working personal brand is different to your online personal brand. When it comes to hunting for career opportunities, your online personal brand is critical to get right… I would go as far as saying in today’s social media world, it has become “do or die”.

You may think I’m being dramatic, but really, if you miss the tips I share with you in this post, your career can totally stall, no matter how hard you work.

Lucky for you, I was fortunate enough to spend time with Vicki-Anne Craigen, a personal brand expert and Director of Creative Recruiters, and Vicki-Anne shared with me some crucial tips to avoid you railroading your career.  And...

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How To Ace Your Performance Review

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020

Each year do you dread hearing the words “Performance Review”…?

I know I did.

I hated having to “convince” my manager that I had done a great job that year…and that I deserved a bonus…

…and I hated even more that when it came time to talk about increasing my salary, I either didn’t say anything, or I didn’t get what I deserved for the extra work I was doing…

Super frustrating.

It’s funny, this conversation comes around each year (and for some, twice a year), but it creeps up on you so quickly that before you know it, it’s tomorrow and you’re sitting at your desk cramming for it like an exam…desperately trying to remember all the great things you’ve done during the year…

…trying to “sell” how amazing you are and why you deserve that bonus…or that pay rise…

Sound familiar?

Your Performance Review is such a great time to talk about you and your...

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How To Rebuild Your Confidence After Receiving Negative Feedback

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020

Career setbacks come in all shapes and sizes and can impact your confidence at any stage of your career.  Negative feedback in particular can shake you up, have you feeling nervous about your future, and stop you from getting where you’d like to go.

I’ve personally experienced many setbacks in my own career and managing my confidence levels following each setback has been a learned process.  In this post, I’ll share with you my own career confidence setback relating to receiving negative feedback, and how I overcame it, so you can too.

Receiving Negative Feedback

Early in my HR days, I was supporting a manager with one of his underperforming team members and it was my role to facilitate the process and ensure a fair outcome. Halfway through the process, when I felt I was doing a great job being empathetic to the employee and documenting the process professionally, the manager told me that I was being “too soft” and that we weren’t...

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5 Steps To Your Next Career Move

confidence Nov 21, 2020

As we head toward the end of the year, you might be thinking to yourself, "what's next for me? What is going to be on the cards for next year?" And you might want to start planning what that is.

Now, when we start to create any career transition or any move, we need to make sure that we're coming at it from a very planned approach, because when we come at it from a ad hoc way, we tend to get some ad hoc results. And we want to be able to make the transition as seamless as possible.

So right now I'm going to take you through the five steps to successful career transition and what they look like.

STEP 1: Preparing Your Mindset

Step number one is preparing your mindset. Whether you've been made redundant or you're wanting to make a change ie. change industries or roles, take on a leadership role, try something new or challenging, how you approach this career move will be critical to your success in terms of how quickly you can make that change.

The first thing to do is to start thinking...

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