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“I can’t recommend Em highly enough! Her complimentary phone call was so informative and helped to leap me forward into writing a more appropriate cover letter and resume. Em’s approach is so kind and caring and she really wants to help you succeed. I am so grateful for her help to me, in applying for a job in a different career direction after 22.5 years in the same place! She’s a gem”.

Kirsty Glowacz


Akka Ballenger ConstantinPhotography & Media

“**CAN'T RECOMMEND ENOUGH** I found Em to be not only very knowledgeable, but also dedicated to help you succeed. I enjoyed very much doing the training and it gave me a good understanding of how the recruitment process has changed and evolved. Can't recommend it enough. It will definitely change your approach on how to write a CV.”

Kerryn SausaePsychologist

“**I GOT THE JOB!** Emma's coaching was spot on! Before we spoke I was full of doubts about stepping up to a senior role in a different environment. But Emma helped me see I already had all the skills I needed. I was confident in the interview and able to evaluate if the role was a good fit for me. I got the job! Thanks Em!”

Janine VillanuevaLawyer

“"SCORED DREAM JOB" I strongly recommend...found her guidance extremely beneficial...I did use her excellent resume drafting short course and interview guide. Landed several interviews and scored dream job. She has very specific, practical advice but also helps you change your mindset about the whole recruitment process....I Actually felt empowered rather than excruciatingly judged!! 10/10 in my books.”

Stephanie LipinskiL&D Business Partner

“**I LANDED MY DREAM JOB!** The tools that Emma provided me, including the AAA resume guide & interview guide were perfect in setting me up for success. From the moment I adjusted my resume in line with ‘AAA resume’ format, I was getting immediate call backs from organisations. Additionally, the interview guide helped me prepare for interviews step-by-step and enabled me to interview with confidence.”

Tara LuckeLawyer

“**WONDERFUL & INSPIRING** The guidance and support that Emma has given me for my career has been invaluable. She has a wonderful and inspiring approach that breaks down the process logically and gave me actionable steps I can take to progress my career goals.”

Alice NasrCustomer Service

“**HIGHLY RECOMMEND** I hate interviews with a passion and was extremely nervous and that is why I booked and highly recommended the interview coaching session. She helped me with changing my mindset and building my confidence. She also advised on calming techniques. I went in less nervous and more confident than I did with my previous interviews. Em really went above and beyond and knows what she was talking about. ”


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