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We're Hiring! Customer Success & Support

job available Jun 18, 2021

Who we are:

Promotable You (PY) is a career advancement and leadership organisation supporting women in taking the next awesome step in their careers.  Founded by HR & Career Coach Em Pescott, our mission is “no woman left behind” and our flagship “Career Accelerator Program” provides women the tools, strategy, and coaching support to step into a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Why we need you:

You’ll work with prospective customers from the moment they join a workshop or contact us on social media/email and ensure they are registered into the right program for their needs, are professionally onboarded, and are on their way to achieving their career goals.

You will then nurture and support them throughout their entire journey, from their initial welcome call, understanding the program, IT troubleshooting, coaching inquiries to capturing their feedback and testimonials post-program, and recommending future support options. 

Your role is pivotal to the growth of the business and fulfilling our mission and will positively impact the lives of thousands of women – pretty cool job if you ask us!

Sound like a good fit for you?

If yes, then read on...

Who we’re looking for:

  1. An authentic salesperson with experience: you’re comfortable and excited in connecting with prospective customers. You are naturally skilled in identifying what makes the difference in people’s lives and will be effective in communicating how PY’s service will support them. You’ll ensure they feel great about joining our program and are set up to achieve their goals and become raving fans!
  2. A communicator extraordinaire – you really listen, have empathy, and can decipher what our customers need for their personal career development. You can then communicate back to our customers and connect with them on what really matters to them.
  3. People enjoy your company - you’re the type of person that people connect with instantly, they trust you and know that you will go above and beyond to support them – even when you’ll most likely only ever meet them over Zoom!
  4. Product Knowledge: you have either been through our program and know the content intimately, OR have a background in HR or Recruitment, OR you have a sales background and you’re prepared to jump in headfirst and learn the strategies and methodologies so you can talk “shop” confidently to our customers.
  5. Awesome team member: You’re open, honest, and just an all-around awesome team member (to us that means, work smart, have fun, and work with a no-fuss attitude of getting stuff done!).
  6. Customer Service: you take care of our people and onboard them with care, love and ensure they have an extraordinary experience throughout the program. You are the “go-to person” they can trust.  Em has built this company to empower women to make positive change and has high expectations when dealing with customers (you have to care about them as much as she does!). 
  7. You’re cool with tech: being an online organisation, everything is digital so experience with different types of tech (or can demonstrate learning agility) is required. We use platforms: Zoom, Kajabi, ActiveCampaign (CRM), WebinarJam, Loom, Streamyard, Hootsuite, Canva, Facebook & Instagram (so far!).
  8. Super professional: you uphold utmost professionalism in each and every customer interaction from over the phone, zoom calls, emails and within our Facebook Group, always communicating clearly and in the tone of “PY”.


This role is for you if:

  1. You’re a natural sales and service person, and are comfortable achieving set KPI / sales targets with an authentic and caring approach.
  2. You’re comfy working in a small but growing team and where you’ll most likely be working remotely from home (if not located on the Gold Coast) and connecting with the team online.
  3. You’re an implementer-type personality who can take ideas from a big-picture type personality and actually make them happen! You won’t be micromanaged and will need to be self-directed and think on your feet!
  4. You have a background in HR, recruitment, OR you have either been through our program and know the content intimately; OR you have a sales background and are prepared to jump in headfirst and learn the strategies and methodologies so you can talk “shop” confidently to our customers.
  5. You want to work for someone who sets high expectations, allows you to have “a seat at the table”, provides you support to grow and flourish, and wants to hear your awesome ideas!
  6. You want flexibility and to work at times throughout the week that actually suits you and your lifestyle (ensuring you are meeting customer needs of course!)
  7. You’re cool to start by sub-contracting part-time (approx 16 – 20 hours per week) before the potential of becoming permanent (this probably won’t suit people who have a high-security need). You will need an ABN if successful.
  8. You’re genuinely excited about making a contribution to the lives of thousands of women across Australia (and beyond).

Our Recruitment Process (we like to be transparent):

  1. We want to get to know more about you, what you value and how you could contribute to our team and, as a digital organisation, we ask that you do this by submitting a short Loom Video (see below) – this shows us your use of tech and how personable you’ll be with our clients (great news, no cover letter required!).
  2. We’ll invite those we’d like to hear more from for a first-round Zoom Interview (or face to face if located on the Gold Coast) – if you’re not successful, we’ll let you know via email.
  3. During your interview, we’ll be diving into your skills, demonstrated experience, and work styles – we need to make sure you’re a great match for us, and we’re a great match for you!
  4. Throughout the process, you may be asked to demonstrate your skill with a mock customer sales and service interaction, and work styles assessment – we’ll let you know the specifics of this in advance and when required but for us, it’s all about the right “fit”!

Alright, so here’s how to submit: 

  1. You'll submit your application by using the form below then emailing your CV to [email protected]
  2. Using Loom, please record a short video talking about:
  • A brief background on you and why you’re interested in this role
  • What your values are and what motivates you in your career
  • Why you feel you’d be suited to this role (how do your skills and experience translate to success in this role?) 


  • Keep in mind that most of our client interaction is over Zoom or phone so we’re looking for someone who is comfortable being online, presents professionally and authentically, and speaks clearly and with passion!
  • If you’d like to screen share your resume you’re welcome to do that, or you can simply submit it separately.
  • If you haven’t used LOOM before, it’s a communication tool we love and it’s free to download and use – view it here.

IMPORTANT: Applications will close in 14 days from posting this OR when we see enough applications that we connect with and want to start interviewing (so don't wait to submit!).

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Any questions please contact us at [email protected] and ask away!



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