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Has Your Career Stalled Due To Lack of Action?

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2021

Let's talk about a really important topic – one of the biggest reasons I see people being held back in their careers.

Let me be clear.  It’s not due to lack of talent. It is not due to lack of education. It's not due to lack of experience.

What is it?

It is due to lack of action.

Now you might be thinking, well, that's a really silly thing. I take lots of different actions?

The thing is, is that it's not just lack of action, it's lack of the right type of action when it comes to your career.

Why is it that when we really want something, we either procrastinate or we focus on the stuff that does not move the needle. That's what we tend to do. And why we tend to do that? Three main things;

  1. We’re not clear on our end game.

We're not clear on what our end game is, or even our mid-game for that reason. We're not clear on what that is. We really need to sit down and do the work.

It doesn't need to take a long time, but we do need to really sit down and mesh together what is important in life, in what is going to be enjoyable in work, what you value, and then make a plan.

A plan where you can actually smell the end game.  Feel it. Feel like you’re already there.  

We need to be very clear and very specific on what that end game is for you. Even if we break it down into smaller chunks if it’s a larger goal.  We need to be very clear.

Number two, and this is a killer…

  1. We don’t tell people what our goal is.

Your family might know, or they may not.  Your manager may know, or they may not (most of the time, not!). 

When we are talking about taking a big leap or even a small leap or any type of leap in your career, we need to actually tell people what the end game is.

Once you're clear on what that is, you need to tell people about it. You need to talk it into existence. And when I talked about action versus the right type of action, one of the right types of action is telling people what that goal is.

You're telling the decision-makers and influential people that can help you make that move. Do they know what your goal is? Make sure the influential people or the decision-makers who can assist with your goal actually know about it.

And lastly….

  1. Lack of confidence

A lack of confidence tends to hold people back.  You think you have a lack of talent, lack of education, lack of experience.  Most of the time this is untrue.

We really need to break through that limiting belief system or imposter syndrome, or just that general lack of confidence to take the right actions.

We address this exact thing in my 6-Week Career Accelerator Program.  It’s designed to give you the roadmap to take your career to the next level with ultimate support.

If you are at the point where you're wanting support to make that next leap a reality, come and join me!

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