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5 Ways To Get More Confidence

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020

In my job, I get to talk to lots of different people who are at different stages of their careers, and I find it really interesting that no matter what level, industry or job they have, there is always always a common theme…

…they want more confidence. 

Think about it…where in your life have you stalled (or completely been stopped) because you felt you couldn’t achieve something? A lack of confidence can be debilitating and really hold you back from what you love doing.

But imagine you had the confidence to…

  • walk up to your boss and ask for the pay rise you deserve?
  • nail every job interview without self-doubt?
  • contribute your opinion in a meeting?
  • have a coffee with your CEO or senior leader and provide them feedback?
  • become a manager and lead a team to greatness?
  • stand in front of a large crowd of 100 people and have them hanging on every word?

Imagine your life with an abundance of confidence!

You would be unstoppable (hell yeah!).  You would have everything you wanted (of course!), and your life would be very, very different.  It would be amazing and self-fulfilling and unstoppable!

So, I’m here to tell you that it’s about time you felt this confidence!

Right about now you’re probably hearing your self-doubt kick in…but before you indulge in what you call your “reality”, here is something for you to think about…

You don’t need to be confident “all the freaking time”…but you can get confidence for the moments that count

Think about it, having an abundance of confidence all the time is likely to be a big shift and could take a lot of effort and to be honest, probably seems unrealistic…

Getting confidence in the moments that count is important, and I’m here to tell you, it’s really not that hard.

Let’s take going for a job interview as an example.  What would it take to get confidence in that moment?

Or… In asking for a pay rise?

Or… In networking with senior managers?

Or… In performance review… or anything else you want?

What it takes is the following:

  1. Getting to know what you actually want and take control

So, I hear you saying… my goal is to “get the job”.

For the most part, you can’t control the outcome 100% because you don’t know who else has applied, but you can control how you feel during the interview and how well you prepare.

So, another goal could be (as well as getting the job of course) is to walk away having presented your best self and being proud no matter the outcome.

You can control how you prepare and how you show up and when you keep nailing that aspect, the results will come.

2. Getting familiar with that moment (i.e. practice!)

Often, we picture the moment where you need “confidence” as being scary or hostile, mostly because we are unfamiliar with being in that moment.

Take asking for a pay rise as an example.  If you haven’t asked for a pay rise before, it could be a little daunting.  It’s by sheer practice and “getting familiar with that moment” that you start to feel comfortable.

Practice = confidence so the more you put yourself “out there” the better (and less scary) it becomes.

3. Get perspective

We tend to work ourselves into a bit of a spin thinking of all the worst-case scenarios…like how you’ll miss out on the job of your dreams, or you’ll get rejected when asking for a pay rise or promotion.

It helps to work through these worst-case scenarios and ask yourself “how likely is that going to happen?” Very rarely does the worst case happen, but if it does, have a plan that has you be confident to deal with anything that comes your way in that moment.

If you think your manager could say something brash like: “you don’t deserve a pay rise.  Tell me why I should give it to you…” (ouch!), get around it by preparing a great answer for it, one that you knew they would be excited by.

4. Have options

If you have one “true love”, that you have just met on a date, then all your emotions are going into that one person… no doubt you will be devastated if they don’t return your calls.

Similarly, if you are waiting on one job, you will be waiting for that email or clutching onto your phone waiting for their call…

But if you had options, your mind is focused on what’s next… Plus, the chances of you getting a job when waiting for five potential employers is much more likely to convert into a job, than if you were waiting on one.

Options = less stress!

5. Get experience

If you have never gone for a job interview (or it’s been a while), or asked for a pay rise, or had “work from home” days, there is nothing more valuable than having requested this, regardless of the outcome.

Yes, you might get rejected (and probably should expect it), but that’s also valuable… the more rejections the better, because when you start nailing it, you will be unstoppable!

What can you do next?

We’re here for you to win!  Whatever that looks like for you…new job, promotion, flexible working, pay rise…whatever your heart desires for your career.

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