How to "get ahead"

Read these “must know” online personal brand tips from a recruitment expert

You’re intelligent, have a great work ethic, you’re passionate, and you keep your cool under pressure.  You do everything your boss asks of you (deliver great outcomes and on time)…


5 Ways To Get More Confidence

In my job, I get to talk to lots of different people who are at different stages of their careers, and I find it really interesting that no matter what…


How To Get An Interview By Nailing Your Phone Screen

So, you’ve completed your brand spanking new resume using the AAA Resume Format and you submitted it for a job that you really want.   A week later you’ve been contacted…

How to "get ahead"

How to use online job platforms to your advantage

I’ve finished my resume, now what?  How to use online job platforms to your advantage. I get asked this question a lot.  And I see a lot of people unsure…


Creating Balance In Your Life

Guest post by the very talented Brooke Taylor: In my life, it would appear that on the outside I have it all. I have a cool day job in sustainability,...

Yoga, mindfulness and the paradox of getting shit done

Guest post by my dear friend Claire Kleynjans: Mindfulness seems to be everyone’s aspiration these days, and every second person owns a yoga mat. Well and good. But when there’s…