Interview Pro Online Course


Each interview is different and it can sometimes feel like a super tough “face to face exam”! Our online interview training (plus optional 1:1 coaching) is designed to have you walking in with confidence and acing your next interview.


  • KNOWLEDGE:  Know what to expect and see examples of how the best candidates answer questions (meaning you’ll know what to say to impress them throughout each stage of the interview!).
  • CONFIDENCE: Walk into your interview prepared, in control and confident!
  • EASY: Training is simple and easy to follow in a step-by-step format.
  • ACCESS: You’ll have instant access, so you can start now.

Product Description

What You’ll Learn

  • The Interview blueprint and what to expect before, during and after interviews
  • ​STAR methodology when answering behavioural questions
  • ​How to avoid the dreaded: “going blank” situation
  • ​What recruiters & hiring managers are looking for in your answers
  • ​Deep dive into behavioural questions and how the professionals answer them (with examples)
  • ​How to set the tone from the beginning, including how to give a great “career overview”
  • ​How to recover from a question you can’t answer
  • ​How to handle a “rogue” / non conventional interviewer
  • ​How to get “instant confidence”
  • ​Know how you’ll be rated and assessed
  • ​Communication & body language – what interviewers want to see from you
  • ​Asking the interviewers questions, and how to walk out on a high.
  • ​How to answer those “tricky” questions like: Why should we hire you? Why are you the best person for the job…and more