"...[women] are often intimidated by the act of asking for their worth in business and the workplace"

Forbes, 2017

How To Nail Your 
Performance Review &
Get a Pay Rise
(without the stress!)

  • Learn 3 x Top Strategies for Review & Pay Rise success.
  • How to easily make a compelling case for more money.
  • Discover critical elements of a pay rise conversation that most women miss.
  • How to prepare so you can ditch the nerves (and stress!).

PLUS: Free Workbook and up to date "insider knowledge" from a Career & Communication Specialist.

"Thanks for watching my favourite masterclass on "How To Nail Your Performance Review & Get A Pay Rise (without the stress!)". Think of it more like a cheat video - what you need to prepare for to have a successful performance review and pay rise conversation (without the stress!)"

- Em Pescott, Career & Communications Specialist

Watch how to have a successful pay rise conversation (without the stress!) and start "getting ahead!"