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How to use online job platforms to your advantage


I’ve finished my resume, now what?  How to use online job platforms to your advantage.

I get asked this question a lot.  And I see a lot of people unsure of what next steps to take.  Typically, this is what I see…can you relate?

  1. You submit your resume for one job and wait. You don’t apply for another role as you really want this one. And it would be totally bad karma if you applied for more than your ultimate job…
  2. You submit your resume for a few jobs and you wait for a response. Sometimes you’ll wait for weeks just wondering…”did they even get my resume” you ask?
  3. You apply for every single job you see, even if it’s different jobs within the same company – the more the better right?

Do any of these sound like you?

An awesome resume is your first step but blindly submitting it online is not the only way or the smartest use of your time.  Using online recruitment platforms such as SEEK, CareerOne, Jora & LinkedIn are great when you start using their extra features (which most people don’t use!).  I

In this post I want to chat about LinkedIn and SEEK specifically and how to utilise them to your advantage.

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool. Here’s why.

LinkedIn has a little button you can flick on within your profile which allows recruiters to know you are job hunting.  Cool huh?  It’s not obvious to your network (so your boss won’t see it!), but recruiters, who pay LinkedIn big bucks for recruiter access, can see it like a big green flashing light.  Since recruiters are constantly looking for amazing talent, making it that much easier for them to find you is a real opportunity for you.

To let recruiters know you are ready for new opportunities, you have to turn “On” your signal. You can do this from your LinkedIn home page by clicking on the “Jobs” tab on the toolbar. The below message usually pops up however if it doesn’t, simply select “Preferences” at the top of the page.

The recruiter function in LinkedIn also uses Boolean strings in their search functionality.  This means that recruiters can use key words, phrases and words such as “and”, “or”, “not” to broaden or limit their search.  That way they can narrow down the candidate pool when they are looking for something specific.

If you want the recruiter to find you easily, make sure you are keeping your profile up to date.  It’s important that if you have numerous skillsets or different job title options (like I have below) to include these in your “headline” section of your profile.   You’ll notice in my example below there are numerous ways to write what I am qualified in, so I write them all!   That way I’ll turn up in numerous job searches – WIN!

So, what about SEEK?

The good news is that SEEK also has a “find me” function very similar to that of LinkedIn.  First you need to create an account with SEEK via the“ candidate sign in” which is on their homepage.

Once you’ve done that you can head to your profile and start updating it with all of your good stuff.  The best bit? All the info can be “cut and pasted” from your new AAA Resume (time saver, yeah!).

  • You’ll upload your new AAA resume (PDF or Word Doc is fine)
  • Personal summary about you (straight from your ‘about me’ section)
  • Your Career history (straight from your ‘Career Overview” section)
  • Your education (you guessed it, straight from your AAA resume!)
  • Your skills (yet again! From your new AAA resume).

I really have made it easy for you hey?

You can also set your preferred location, the type of work (i.e. full time, part time), your salary expectations, and any particular classification or industry you might be interested in (i.e. sales, marketing, finance etc).

And you’re done!

From there, you can turn your profile visibility to “standard” so recruiters can find you using keyword searches.  BOOM.  You’ve just increased chances of being contacted with minimal work #hellyeah

Another good feature is that you can track the jobs you’ve applied for and save any jobs that you’d like to apply for. Plus, you can do this straight from the app (if you’re not near a computer).  That way if you do get a call from a recruiter you can quickly log onto the app to review the job role so you sound 100% professional, not “can you tell me what job you’re calling me about please?” – that’s a total “no, no” and one surefire way to annoy a recruiter.

How do these tips help you get further ahead than your competition?

You’re way more likely to be approached about a job opportunity if a recruiter actually knows you’re actively looking, AND they can find you easily with a keyword search.  There is nothing better than being approached or “headhunted” about a job opportunity, definitely a confidence booster.

So, no point reading this and not taking action.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile (or create one!)
  2. Register for a SEEK account or update your current profile.
  3. Watch out for my upcoming blog called “how to hustle into your perfect job” – COMING SOON!
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