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Creating Balance In Your Life

By 18/09/2018Featured

Guest post by the very talented Brooke Taylor:

In my life, it would appear that on the outside I have it all. I have a cool day job in sustainability, a cool night job playing music, I exercise, I do yoga, I spend time with my family and spend time with my friends. I live on my own, have a nice car, don’t settle with dudes that don’t treat me well or friends that sabotage my happiness – all the good sh*t. But…

…before a recent holiday I was at the point of complete exhaustion; both physically and mentally. Admittedly I was totally pushing the boundaries to get cash money for the holiday, but dear god I’m never letting that happen again; I was a wreck held together by stubbornness and pride. So, in that sense, I will still write this post on ‘creating balance’, but just know that I don’t always get it right…

Yes, creating balance…

I suppose the first point I want to make is that balance isn’t found, it’s deliberately made – and  it should be prioritised. Make an achievable goal and stick to it. It’s actually very easy.  If you want to be a better cook, have designated ‘new recipe Wednesday’ or organise a ‘cooking night’ with friends.  People become experts at making excuses for not doing things, but at the end of the day, ‘tis best to just shut up and do what you said you were going to do. Integrity is key.

Make declarations.

I like to book things in advance and I stop myself from ‘umming and ahhing’ about whether I should do something and I just go and do it. I take the first step – baby steps are fine…they’re actually better. And, if I stuff up, I just try again.

My key mantras are:

  • You get what you settle for
  • Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will
  • The ‘hard work’ is to keep doing the work

Stick to your guns ladies.

No one explains that. No one really tells you that the hardest bit is to stick to your guns. Anyone can start a change – a diet, workout regime, creative practice…but NO-ONE reiterates that the really hard bit is to keep it up.

Celebrate your wins.

You’ve got to celebrate your wins. Not with a mid-week blow out, or spending money you don’t have, but write yourself a little message on the bathroom mirror – a little ‘you got this’. Positive reinforcement and reminding yourself of what you’ve achieved is important.

Musically I’ve come a long way in the last couple of years, and I find reflection does give the heart a glow and the energy to keep moving forward.

Reward yourself with rest.

Ah, rest. Rest is the bit that I’ve stuffed up on recently. I was thinking that 3 hours of yoga a week was enough to combat a week’s worth of 16-hour days. I’ll give you the hot tip; it’s not. It’s not even close. Sleep and hydration are key. Take a night off. Netflix and chill. You’ll be more energised and calm to be your best self and get the job done. I’m not saying procrastinate, but you MUST rest.

 Become a practicing person.

Think about what it is you want or want to be better at and practise. Practise fitness, practise kindness, practice strength…whatever it is just do a little bit of it every day (or every week) and improve. And write it down – make a written declaration. Scheduling (I find) is really important.

Make the time.

That’s what I meant at the start about ‘creating balance’. Typically left to our own devices we’ll just coast along and do whatever, but, if you want to make a difference to yourself (or others), you’ve got to dedicate yourself to something and action it.

If you loved Brooke’s wise words of wisdom, why not check out her music at  www.brooketaylormusic.com.au and while you’re at it, check out her song “What If” which really is quite fitting with this post!

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