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3 Ways To Have Your Resume Stand Out

By 02/05/2018Resume

Is it just me, or is there a ridiculous amount of information online about how to write a resume?  To me, it’s all pretty “same-same”; don’t go over 3-4 pages, watch for spelling errors, ensure you include a cover letter…

That’s all great, but it’s probably stuff you know already, right?

If you’re like me, you’re wanting a resume that is not only going to stand out, but one that is going to LEAP out at the hiring manager and land you the interview for [insert dream role here], yes?

Well, here’s three ways you can increase your chances of getting an interview and start bathing in recruiter phone calls…


You’re thinking “huh? My resume is totally about me isn’t it?”.  Nope.

If there’s one tip you take away today, it should be this:

The design of your resume is not about you; it is all about the person reading it and how easy it is for that person to get the information they need to make a decision about you.

Let me share with you a little secret.  Most recruiters and HR peeps only skim resumes (we’re pretty busy ok!), so you’re probably only going to get around 6-8 seconds to impress us.

That means you need to construct your resume in a way that fulfills their need. So, fulfill their need, ladies!

Include the most important info on the front page.  That should include at least your contact info, skills, education, job summary and any relevant software.  To ensure you’ve got it all covered, I’ve created a resume cheat sheet for you.

You want to excite them on the front page, so they fall in love with you and keep reading.  Then, once you implement tip #2 below, they’ll be wanting to get you locked in to see them, stat.


This is where most people get it wrong.  They write down every. single. thing. they do day to day in each of their jobs.  Basically, it’s a “to do” list and they expect that kind of info will impress.

It doesn’t.

It just shows that you can cram a whole bunch of text on a page and that you’re busy.  Everyone’s busy, don’t you know?

What you want to write is how you’ve contributed to a business.  How you’ve added value.  That lovely ladies, is impressive. Oh yeah.  Talk to me about how you’ve increased sales, created process efficiencies, increased engagement, improved customer service, and I’m yours; hook, line and sinker baby!

There is a particular way to write this (without sounding like a douche), and I go through it in detail in my step by step resume training which includes “done for you” resume templates and a stack of practical examples (simply copy, paste and adjust!).

Get this bit right and they’ll be no stopping you.


It’s amazing how many people don’t write a cover letter.  And when they do, it’s generic and boring and tells me nothing about you.

In my post Don’t write your cover letter without first reading this, I talk about how your cover letter is more than an introduction, it’s your opportunity to stand out.  And to stand out “rock star” style, consider using the same design template as your resume, including your job summary, contact info, skills, education, and any relevant software on that front page.

That way, they get all the best information about you upfront and will certainly impress them in that teeny tiny 6-8 seconds of their brain capacity.

If you’re unsure you’ve got the right templates, use mine!  They’re tried and tested and have gotten jobs a plenty! Plus, you get them as bonuses when you sign up for my step by step resume training.

Alright, time to get your resume writing on ladies.  Take a deep breath and say: “I’ve got this!”.

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